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James Joyce In Trieste

The top picture is of a statue of Joyce on a bridge in Trieste. Below that is the apartment buiding where he lived on the second floor.

Trieste was one of my favorite cities. It was very mellow, a bit on the rainy side - when we were there, anyway. And the people were very nice. It was almost like visiting another country - it had an eastern european flavor to it. That's why I ended up there, I had never been to a communist country and I wanted to visit one - Yugoslavia was still in existence then. The stories of Trieste being a city of spies was too much to pass up.
What I didn't know was that it was home to James Joyce for alnost 10 years and that the first episode of "Ulysses" was written there


Blogger Meg Nakagawa said...

Is the top photo a statue of him in Trieste? Is the apartment still in existence? Did you find the Berlitz school where he taught English (or did he not teach in Trieste, I can't remember.)

I read Joyce for my Bachelor's Degree, and hated him back then, but you can't escape Joyce, ever. I finally went to Dublin in 2003, some 20+ years after college, and it was all worth it.

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Blogger Nikon said...

Yes the top photo is of Joyce and it is in Trieste. I can't tell you for sure if the apartment is still there( there were many). I wasn't thinking that much of Joyce's haunts back in the '80s when I was passing through on my way to Yugoslavia. I did fall in love with Italy, but have never been able to get back. Trieste was a great city, too, it's architecture was not quite like the rest of Italian cities I had been to. It was overcast and rainy the 3 days that I was there and it is a working city, with the shipping traffic. I think only suburbs of Milan and Rome had any visible "industrial" areas of the places I visited.
I never knew Joyce was as famous in Italy as in Paris and Dublin, until I started researching Hemingway's Paris (link above), as described in "A Moveable Feast."
I beleive Joyce's brother also worked for Berlitz in Trieste.
I agree, he is difficult to read :)
Here is a link with some more info:
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