Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Getting Around

Walking is probably the best way to see and enjoy the city ( and all of the towns and cities in Italy, in my opinion).

The city is divided into two parts: The low city (citta bassa) and the high city (citta alta).
The high city is the older part of town - an old fortress, actually; built to fend off attackers. It is a walled city, looking like a castle on a hill.

The low city is more modern, but by no means lacking in old world charm. It just isn't centuries old like the high city.

The two parts of town are connected by a funicular - a train that goes up a steep hill making its way up and down by a geared wheel under the engine engaging a "cog" track.

Once in the high city, the streets are very narrow; probably originally meant to accomodate only horses and pedestrians. So, getting around is best accomplished by walking or scooter (which are in abundance all over Italy). It's a very tight squeeze for a car - even the small "minis" of europe.


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