Sunday, May 28, 2006

How To Get Back?

For many years now the question has been - how do I get back?

With the agoraphobia, I'm considered disabled and there's not much money in that!

I've thought of going to Ireland (I should have enough money to get there) and figure out a way to find food and shelter while I also try and figure out how to get over to mainland europe.

I have to get the agoraphobia a little more under control. Hypnotherapy is the cure du jour for me right now. No guaranty that will work but it would be great to cut down on the medication.

As a former journalist and photographer it would be fabulous to be able to work on a travel film of Italy (or anyplace for that matter)! That would get me there and provide me with an income and a way to eat every day.
Lots of daydreams!


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