Sunday, July 02, 2006

More Color, The Lake District

This looks like Lago de Garda to me, but it could be Lake Como.
With Lecco, Maggiore, and Lago d' Iseo making up the rest
of the major lakes (lagos) in the lake district.

Some Color Is Needed

After my black and white pics, I think this blog needs some color.
This is a Swiss village. We spent a day in Switzerland; just took a
train from Milan to one of the first border crossings and got out to
look around. Everybody remarks on how clean the Swiss are - they
are extremely clean! They dust the dust, I think.
Strangely, we had to empty our pockets to satisfy the policeman at
the border. He looked at everything; my backback, how much money
we had, and lots of questions on what we were doing there.
Entering Yugoslvia was nothing compared to Switzerland!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Milan Train Track Maze

Coming into the outskirts of Milan by train.
There is a maze of tracks coming from all directions heading into the station. It's especially nice when you can lean out the train window and snap a picture.