Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Where Bergamo Is In Relation To Milan

Sunday, May 28, 2006

How To Get Back?

For many years now the question has been - how do I get back?

With the agoraphobia, I'm considered disabled and there's not much money in that!

I've thought of going to Ireland (I should have enough money to get there) and figure out a way to find food and shelter while I also try and figure out how to get over to mainland europe.

I have to get the agoraphobia a little more under control. Hypnotherapy is the cure du jour for me right now. No guaranty that will work but it would be great to cut down on the medication.

As a former journalist and photographer it would be fabulous to be able to work on a travel film of Italy (or anyplace for that matter)! That would get me there and provide me with an income and a way to eat every day.
Lots of daydreams!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Getting Around

Walking is probably the best way to see and enjoy the city ( and all of the towns and cities in Italy, in my opinion).

The city is divided into two parts: The low city (citta bassa) and the high city (citta alta).
The high city is the older part of town - an old fortress, actually; built to fend off attackers. It is a walled city, looking like a castle on a hill.

The low city is more modern, but by no means lacking in old world charm. It just isn't centuries old like the high city.

The two parts of town are connected by a funicular - a train that goes up a steep hill making its way up and down by a geared wheel under the engine engaging a "cog" track.

Once in the high city, the streets are very narrow; probably originally meant to accomodate only horses and pedestrians. So, getting around is best accomplished by walking or scooter (which are in abundance all over Italy). It's a very tight squeeze for a car - even the small "minis" of europe.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


If you have never been to Bergamo, it is about a one hour train trip east of Milan.

It is in the Lombardy section of Italy - northern Italy. You can see the Alps (or - pre-Alps) from the city. There was still snow visible on the peaks in June when I went there.The trains, by the way are great. You can connect to just about anywhere from Bergamo and changing Trains in Milan.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Travels of an agoraphobic

My first scribblings in a blog - I hope it works out. Let me know with comments.

I am agoraphobic. That means a fear of travel. Actually, a fear of leaving the house, not just travelling. But, I was able (with medication), to travel to Italy in the 1980's and it was wonderful.

Amazingly, almost all of my fears disappeared when I was in Italy. I was happy for the first time in a long time. I barely needed medication. That in itself is a minor miracle. I never had such a good time and I'm dying to go back.

That's what this will be about - this blog will be about; getting back to Italy and Bergamo. Bergamo is the city where I spent a lot of time, kind of our "base camp." My travel companion had friends there; that was the reason for the trip, she had been invited by her friends to visit. I was asked to come along as a kind of chaperone.
I had never been outside of the USA, and I fell in love with Italy. Especially Bergamo.

I keep thinking about it, thinking about how to get back there. To feel the same sense of peace and wonder that I felt the first and only time that I traveled to Bergamo.

I'll try to explain it but maybe you have to be agoraphobic to understand. I hope not.